Mallorca training camp.

Day 1. Race day Mallorca 312, a long nice day in the saddle. 312k, + 5000hm at 12.09h. My RAAM buddy  Anders and I stayed together the hole race. We kept a high speed all the time even at the end of the race, very satisfying. All roads were closed for regular traffic, fantastic.

Day 2. A shorter recovery ride out to Cap de Fermentor 3.50h, 80k and 950h.

Day 3. Two long climb intervals,  after 25k Coll de Femenia 7.6k, 419hm 6% and then King Sa Colobra 9.44k, 668hm, 7% in 44.11h. Sa Colobra is a very nice climb with a fantastic view. 132k, 6.09 and 2300hm.

Day 4. Today, the weather is not good. Cloudy and a little rain in the air, we await the weather report to decide what we are doing today. My new Wilier Cento 10 NDR from Cykelmagneten in Falkenberg is a dream to ride. That bike will really help me across the American continent. I will be back…….




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